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Back Pain Home Remedies - How to Get Rid of Back Pain

Back pain is pain felt in the back that may originate from the muscles , nerves , bones , joints or other structures in the spine. You rely on your back to be the workhorse of the body its function is essential for nearly every move you make. Because of this, the back can be particularly vulnerable to injury and back pain can be disabling. Four out of five adults have at least one bout of back pain sometime during life. In fact, back pain is one of the most common reasons for health care visits and missed work. Symptoms may range from muscle ache to shooting or stabbing pain, limited flexibility and range of motion, or an inability to stand straight. Chronic back pain is pain that persists for more than 3 months. It is often progressive and the cause can be difficult to determine. On the bright side, you can prevent most back pain. Simple home treatment and proper body mechanics will often heal your back within a few weeks and keep it functional for the long haul. Surgery is rarely needed to treat back pain.

Backache can be an indication of more serious underlying disease, especially kidney disease, so in every case the urine should be tested for protein and the temperature and pulse rate taken. Stress can cause backaches, but blaming back pain on stress can be dangerous. Backache, one of the most common ailments, is widely prevalent these days due to sedentary living habits and hazardous work patterns. If the back pain radiates to the buttocks, arms or legs; if there is weakness or numbness in your arms or legs; or if you have any loss of bladder or bowel control, see a doctor. It is also important if the pain wakes you up from sleep. About 90 per cent of backache patients suffer from what is called cervical or lumber spondylosis.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

  • As a part of back pain home remedy treatment, raw potato in the form of poultice is to be applied on the pain affected area. Usually potato is used to treat lower back pain.
  • Applying garlic oil on the back gives immense relief from back pain. Take about 10 small garlic pieces and fry them in oil on a low flame. You can either use sesame oil, coconut oil or mustard oil. Fry till the garlic cloves turn light brown. Let the oil prepared from garlic cool completely. Thereafter apply it on the back and keep it for about three hours. In a couple of days, you'll feel its magical effects.
  • Vitamin C that is mainly found in citrus fruits is considered valuable for getting rid of Back Pain. Consume about 2000 mg of this vitamin everyday.
  • physical therapy.
  • Steroid injections (epidural steroids).
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Back exercises.





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