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Boosting Your Immune System Naturally

The immune system is the part of the body that protects you from the constant onslaught of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that want to throw a party in your body. While the bone marrow, spleen, liver, thymus, lymph nodes, and white blood cells are the main players in your immune system, every part of the body-including your nervous system and mental attitude - must be in optimal health to keep your defense strong.

We need to attack the problem of bacterial infection from a new angle. We must take advantage of the many natural, nontoxic means available to boost the immune system. If there is a silver 'lining to the dark cloud of antibiotic abuse, it may be that the failure of synthetic drugs will force orthodox medicine to, use nontoxic antibiotic nutrients like high doses of vitamin C. Very high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin Care some of the most potent ways to combat infections of all kinds. They do so in a way that does not create superstrains of bacteria. Our bodies are besieged by hundreds of toxic chemicals every day. We are also exposed to a myriad of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that are brought to us from allover the world due to air travel. And our immune systems do not have the supply of nutrients they once did. We are deficient and suboptimally nourished in a wide range of nutrients. This has devastating effects not only on our immune systems but on those of our children and grandchildren as well. Poor nutrition has a cumulative genetic effect.

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