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Strategies for Lowering Cholesterol ?

A good cholesterol ratio is the right balance of the different cholesterols in your blood. The two main forms are LDL (lowdensity lipoprotein) and HDL(high-density lipoprotein). Just as we want the right amount of hormones, we want just the right amount of cholesterol as well. Too much and too little are equally undesirable.

People still say cholesterol is bad. Which cholesterol are they talking about?

  • The cholesterol in freshly prepared animal products is harmless. If you eat more cholesterol, your liver, which naturally makes about seven eggs worth of cholesterol per day, will make less.
  • The cholesterol in dried milk, aged cheese, cake mixes, or aged meats, however, should be avoided. It is oxidized and unhealthful.
  • The cholesterol in your blood is fine as long as it is protected with the right antioxidants and is present in the right ratio of HDL to total cholesterol.

THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CHOLESTEROL is needed for optimal health. Yet the high levels of free radicals in our environment increase the possibility that the cholesterol in our bloodstream may oxidize. For these and other reasons, we do not want too much cholesterol in our blood. Both high and low cholesterol increase risk to certain cancers.

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