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Does Calcium Prevent Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis Treatment

Conditions that young women suffer from such as anorexia and amenorrhea can have especially negative consequences on bone health. These conditions can begin instant decline into bone weakness and should not be allowed to persist. Even frequent yeast infections impact negatively on bone health, for unfriendly bacteria in the GI tract upset female hormone metabolism. 'This in turn negatively affects bone growth. Because of the poor nutrition that is rampant among young women in America , many researchers believe osteoporosis actually begins in the teen years. If I could give osteoporotic women one thing, I would give them a time machine so that they could go back to their youth and lay down enough bone density to last their lifetime. To AVOID OSTEOPOROSIS YOU NEED to consume adequate amounts of calcium, yet calcium alone does not prevent the thinning of bones.

Adolescence and young adulthood is the most critical period for creating strong bones. By age thirty-five you achieve your peak bone mass, and from that point on you must work to maintain the bone mass that you have acquired. The higher peak bone mass you achieve, the lower your likelihood of developing osteoporosis. When you are young, you need to make sure your intake of calcium, magnesium, manganese, and all other vitamins and minerals is optimal. You will never have as much impact on your bone health as you do in your younger years, but improving nutrient intake and lifestyle habits at any age can help maintain, and in some cases improve, bone density.

So it is with calcium. It is of no use to the body if all the other factors needed for strong bones are not simultaneously supplied. You need a diet balanced in all essential vitamins and minerals. You need good digestion so that you can absorb what you eat. You need to exercise. You need the right balance of hormones. And you need to stay away from sugar, white flour, and other junk foods that can undermine all of your best efforts.

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