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Healthy Cooking Basics

Learning how to replace these ingredients is crucial for healthy cooking. Too often, attempts at improving our diet fail not for any lack of enthusiasm, but because we have been missing one link in the chain: the ability to make whole foods taste good. There are many ways to use whole grains, vegetables, unrefined oils, and lower-fat meat and dairy products so that they are palatable to everyone.

Many of the ways we learned to prepare food are no longer acceptable. Frying is out. It creates highly toxic products that destroy the body. Using sugar and white flour is frowned upon because of the stress these foods place on the body. We get enough salt in our food and do not need to add more. We need, therefore, to look at food preparation in a new way that exploits the natural flavors of food and maximizes their nutritional value. Once you understand and adopt a few simple principles, you will have all you need to begin preparing your food in 'the healthiest way possible.

We need a new cuisine. The great cuisines of the world grew up for the most part with little interest in health. When you step into the kitchen to combine your newfound health promoting foods such as whole grains, flaxseed oil, other unrefined oils, expensive organic vegetables, and lower-fat cuts of meat, you are going up against thousands of years of recipe development that have accentuated the tastes of fat, sugar, and white flour.

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