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Yoga Techniques for Stress Management

Stress can come from any situation or thought which makes you feel thwarted, angry or anxious. Stress is a conjugation of physiological and emotional retroactions to an event. Yoga techniques pose as a stress reliever.

Yoga techniques help to minimize the stress which rises from our daily activities. Stressed out individuals bear a great deal of physical tension in their bodies. In these cases, the natural unfreezing effected by yoga postures are helpful. When one rests between postures, abdominal tension is emancipated from the body promoting deep breathing.

The advantages of yoga postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana) include increased body consciousness, release of muscular tension and increased co-ordination between mind-and body.

It helps in better management of stress and insures an overall feeling of well being. Yoga techniques for stress management gives relief by making the body relaxed for the highest flow of energy through yoga poses, breathing exercises that give energy by pranayama and peacefulness to the mind by meditation.

Yoga techniques provide number of methods of reducing the effects of these negative elements in the form of meditation, sakshin, pratyahara and pranayama. Vacation stress is passably an aggressive expression but it is real and it can cause serious disturbances and damages. The reasons for getting stress and angry during your vacation are plenty.

There are some simple techniques of meditation which may be practised by people to combat vacation stress problems. Meditation helps you get ready for any conceivable stressful conditions.

Mudras are the most inventive innovations of yoga. They help to abate physical stress and energize the whole body. Use deep breathing at times when you need energy or want to fill calm: during yoga, during exercise (in place of panting on the treadmill and using only your chest to breathe, deepen and slow the breath), prior to stressful confrontations.

Sakshin is a segregate state of consciousness that provides you a way of getting a better understanding of the realities around you. Pratyahara is a state of peace which is gained by reducing all outside interferences to an optimum level.

Savasana is an extremely relaxing posture if done properly. This posture should be performed habitually at the end of your asana practice. Savasana is not just physically lying down on the floor. Pratyahara is a situation of peace which is attained by reducing all outside intrusions to an optimum level.

By using pratyahara, the mind gets serene and relaxed, focusing towards the inside of your own body.

Pranayama helps in increasing the ability to calm yourself nearly in any difficult conditions by regulating your breathing and hence balancing the energies in your body. Utthita means extended and 'trikona' is a triangle; the pose exactly is the extended triangle pose. Utthita trikonasana is a very efficient pose for hip and leg deformities, groin injuries, sciatica and spinal compression.



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