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Haemangiomas - Symptoms and Treatment

Haemangiomas are noncancerous, abnormally dense collections of dilated small blood vessels that may occur in the skin or internal organs. Such tumours are often found on the skin at birth as a result of a local overgrowth of capillaries during fetal development, where they appear as well demarcated red patches ( portwine stains ). Sometimes the capillaries form larger blood-filled sinuses, causing the discoloured area to be swollen and raised from the skin surface (a strawberry naevus ). Haemangiomas can develop in adults too. Ten percent of babies develop one or more haemangiomas. Over 80% occur on the head and neck area. They can grow for up to 18 months before they start regressing. This regression is known as involution and can take as long as 3-10 years. Nearly all childhood haemangiomas eventually involute and disappear without treatment. However, some haemangiomas can be disfiguring and psychologically distressing so early medical intervention is sometimes necessary.





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