How to use the product finder Product Finder Instructions. Compact motor with very high torque. Although servos were often more expensive to procure due to the tedious testing of ramps to avoid resonance bands and because of the more complex sizing on account of the lack of feedback, they were easier to commission, and this made them more attractive for limited lot production. They offer both a high step angle accuracy and a high step resolution, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. The Results will adjust themselves automatically to the values you have set. The desired attributes for each motor wil be displayed by clicking on the boxes on the right of the legend.

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The attribute is being reset. This also applies to systems that do not implement “true” sensorless control but only have a blocking detection mechanism or a simplified control that reduces the rated motor current as a function of load. Therefore the level of control and torque that is achieved is the same as that of a motor controlled by means of an encoder. Check at least two of them.

In this way the stepper motor operates as a servo motor — without step losses, without resonances and without the risk of overheating. In the shopping cart you will find the “Request a quote” button. Current per Winding 2.


Click on the attribute name in order to sort in ascending or descending order. Current per Winding 1. Current per Winding 0. The view for comparing the torque curves is displayed.

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Please wait while productfinder is loading For larger quantities, please contact our sales department: In the shopping cart you will find the “Request a quote” button. Open the attribute in the Filter.

Another important aspect regarding the practical use of a sensorless controller is the identification of the parameters of the model.

Open loop and closed loop combined Sensorless control is particularly appealing for stepper motors because it can be used not only for speed applications, but also for positioning when used in combination with open loop control.

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Identical flange size as the nannotec motor ST, therefore Click on Reset settings. The Results will adjust themselves automatically to the values you have set. No, stay on site OK. Ideal for applications in which a higher resolution is to be achieved in openloop mode without encoder.

These stepper motors are controlled in exactly the same way as servo motors: Depending on the motor type, the speed and positioning information is obtained at a lower speed of between 25 and rpm with an accuracy comparable to that of an srepper encoder with or increments. Each color represents a motor. Nanotec Products Stepper Motors. Is a suppression capacitor needed when running a system from a battery?


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Stepper motors are an open loop system and encoders allow closed loop control. Within the legend and for each motor you can: A virtual encoder replaces a real encoder To be able to benefit from the advantages of field-oriented control in these applications, Nanotec has developed a sensorless, i.

Click on Reset settings. If you would like to request a quotation, please log in or register. The sfepper is a “virtual encoder” that delivers the position and speed information, beginning at a certain minimum speed, with the same precision as an actual optical or magnetic encoder. Please wait while productfinder is loading Please wait while productfinder is loading