RCA It is easy to use and durable. I knew why because I accidently deleted the lyrasys files so it won’t work. The device is a bit slow t o scroll in the song lists. I right click on the lyra icon and choose update system files, then mess around with some others parts too. I transfered songs last night and this morning I can not play the songs from the drive, nor access it from my computer. It does hold a lot of music and plays music my other MP3 won’t. The last thing I would recommend then if you haven’t formatted the mp3 player yet is to plug it again onto your computer and perform a hard drive error check to see if there are bad sectors or other issues with the hard drive.

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The sound quality is excellent, however non-OEM headphones bring out the best sound. After running the firmware upgrade, reconnect the mp3 player to your PC and you should see the folders and files just by browsing with Windows Explorer I transfered songs last night and this morning I can not play the songs from the drive, nor access it from my computer.

RCA lyra Real bad problem –

Most relevant reviews See all 8 reviews. We won’t be toting the Lyra RD in our back pocket, but we were impressed by the player’s 40GB capacity, its good looks, and its excellent sound.

The Bottom Line It’s certainly not the smallest unit we’ve seen, but the RD is a decent hard drive player. Pressing it quickly calls up the menu; holding it down freezes all controls to prevent accidental activation. But, basically what kyra have to do 22840 The net result is a competitive product that offers a solid combination of good features and ease of use at a reasonable price.


lgra Having two nearly identical front-panel joysticks was confusing at first. Posted on Sunday, June 26, – It appears than in attempting to fix it himself, he formatted the drive with NTFS. Well lucky mine is a piece of cake, hopes you guys will get urs fixed too. You can entertain yourself while camping, studying, or exercising since the Audiovox RCA Lyra RD music player features an ample battery life.

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It has a huge capacity, it’s easy to use and it’s tough! The Lyra will acknowledge songs loaded via the drag-and-drop method only if you first profile them with one of two tools.

You may contact him for the problems your are experiencing. Skip to main content.

This is a simple process. I have found that Windows Media Player is easier to use.

Rapid Home Charger for RCA Mp3 Lyra Rd2780 Rd2840

However I just fix it. So do not lyea bug fixes or good support for this device. If you are downloading files and there are more than for an audiobook name them booknamebookname and so on.

This device is natively supported by Windows XP. The latest available firmware oyra dated from August 20, Don’t show this again.


Posted on Tuesday, December 27, – All you have to do now is to upload the latest firmware. Keep a paper clip near the player, when it’s hangs, you only need to reset it.

I right click on the lyra icon and choose update system files, then mess around with some ljra parts too. If you do this make sure you call the number of the cd 01,02,03 and so on if you have more than 10 cd’s, because the player profiles them oddly with 1 first then 10,11,12,13 up to 19 then comes 2 then 20,21 and so on.

RCA lyra 2840 Real bad problem

The Like and Dislike tags, which you assign while you’re listening to songs, affect how often they come up in SmartShuffle mode. The User Interface needs polishing, it has some must-have feature missing: You are better off just connecting to the USB port, formatting the mp3 hard-drive, uploading the latest firware.

Make sure the mp3 player is connected to your PC, the drivers are installed that little Lyra tray thingyturn the mp3 player on and run the file. I find that if you reset the device, this “fix” this!

The price per storage ratio on this player is to my knowledge second to none.