The can be parameterised and controlled via the fieldbus interface. Supply voltage These can be operated with a supply voltage from V up to 8 V. Four different V signals are also available. The time coordination is programmed in the individual data sets via specification of a wait time, a transition condition and the subsequent data set. Nm without gearing Without gearing: Page 68 Page 6 66 version:.

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Together with a motion controller such as Lexium Motion Controller or a PLC, the systems allow for simple and economic implementation of complex automation task.


The blocking detection responds if the actual position of the axis deviates from the reference position by more than one revolution. Four V signals are also available. The RS85 commissioning interface is also integrzted for commissioning the drive system.

Shop Fiber Optic Products. A holding brake is optionally available for ILSp phase stepper motor Electronics housing Insert cable entry accessory Settings via parameter switches Cover for electronics housing Cover for connector housing Electrical interfaces Characteristics: Safety requirements Functional for both stop functions: AC synchronous servo motor, brushless Lexiu motor or stepper motor.


If the actual position deviates more than one revolution from the reference position, an error is generated and the compact drive system is de-energised. V signal interface Four digital V signals are available. Shop Cell Phone Accessories.

At constant level LOW, the motor operates with the adjusted maximum motor phase current. Transmission protocol Manufacturer-specific Limit values with flanged motor mounted on a steel plate x x mm Measured at the surface Description Page References: The assignment of the signal inputs and outputs can iintegrated set via parameters.

Shop Inductive Signal Couplers. The supply voltage does not have to be interrupted.

This function enables easy replacement of drive systems with automatic parameterisation. You’ll still have a chance to review your order.

Does Schneider Electric offer a direct replacement for Lexium Integrated Drive type ILS1B853S1460 ?

Page 6 Page 6 58 version:. Page 59 Page 6 6 version:. The drive system has integrated interfaces, control electronics, holding brake optional and power amplifier. In combination with the electronics, ILE has the characteristics of an absolute lexijm. Page 5 Page 6 5 version:.


Page 6 Page 6 56 version:. Shop 3D Printer Accessories. Shop Power Transfer Switches. The from Schneider Electric excel with the following properties: Application areas with -phase stepper motors offer high torque at low speed of rotation.

For power supply and fieldbus. The following converters are available on the market.

Lexium Integrated Drives – Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS | Schneider Electric

Nm Positioning resolution Without gearing: Page ILA with servo motor: The device version with industrial connectors has a connector housing with M circular integratfd 5 poles for the fieldbus connection and a Hirschmann STASEI connector for connection of the power supply.

Detent torque at zero current Nm Moment of inertia output kg cm Max. The Lexium CT PC commissioning software or the fieldbus is used to enter data sets and parameterise lexuum drive system.