Please read this manual before printing. What ever the RAW port is for on the machine, add 1 to that number and you get the actual port number you should be using for printing. The basic memory setting of the print controller is 64 MB. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? The following settings can be selected from the Printer Mode Basic Screen. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Check the power of the main body printer copier , computers and cable connections.

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Konica Minolta 7155 7165 Ip-511 Print Controller 960835

Setting items are as follows: Printing Summary of the content on the page No. Print out the IP config sheet and post it. The basic memory setting of the print controller is 64 MB. Even while the main body printer is printing or copying, the print controller can receive the next job, and while the print controller is receiving or transmitting a print job or a scan job, you can use the copy mode.

Production Print Systems – Business Products | KONICA MINOLTA

WAITThe main pfint printer is in warm-up mode. If problems are not resolved by using the following countermeasures, contact your Konica service representative. The print data rasterized in the print controller is now being transferred to the E-RDH memory in the mainbody printer.


By default the IP Nic sets up to port Select the port to which the printing system is connected and click the [Next] button. Necessary files will be copied from the “User Software CD” to complete the installation. I,ll set ip and subnet getway port Click the [OK] button.

Konica Minolta IP : – Konica OWNERS MANUAL printer IP

Select a file from this list or click the [Select bitmap] button to navigate through your system’s hard diskto locate a bitmap file to use. The more memory in the print controller, the more pages that can be rasterized while waiting for the previous job to print. The printer driver can be used on the following OS: Enter your user ID using the numeric keys, and ip51 the [OK] key. The memory of the print controller can beexpanded to MB maximum.

The internal network interface card is required for connecting to a network. This chapter describes the basic operation of the control panel and the setup menu as well as the functions of the printing system setup. This manual assumes you are familiar with the basic operation of Ip511 and Copier.


Log on as an administrator or a user entitled to install a printer. The same number can not be specified.

Do not drop heavy items on the glass,or put excess weight or pressure on it; otherwise the glass may break or become scratched. Oonica this manual before printing.

In this case, it is necessary to complete the network settings on the network interfacecard and on the personal computers. The ID is displayed with the [Password] key highlighted. Two page data isprinted out komica a sheet of paper twice as large as the selected size of paper.

Otherwise, a system error may occur. Windows Me Microsoft W.

Turn on the computer and start Windows. The following tabs will appear: The use of screen fonts may ptint be conductive to increase in print performance. The next [Add Printer Wizard] window to perform the print test will appear. Check whether the correct IP address of the scanner has been entered.