Hi to both, first thing you must do is to check if your capture card has a serial number on the back. New DigiNet software is avalible for download. These two cards are working properly. Sign In Sign Up. No idea about Vista or It realy is just a matter of shorten 4 the inputs with 4 outputs to disable the matrix chip.

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To create a new user or edit a current one, click the Setup button on the main screen of DigiNet server and select the User Management tab.

The driver treats one of the btA chips as the “master”, and the other three as “slaves”. Quick Burn The Spftware Burn feature allows a time frame that needs to be backed up to be selected visually from the search screen.

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I think I know the issue. I pulled the datasheet of A chip and I have found why My card always not work.

After installing the sofftware card, the PC did the same thing. Posted May 26, edited. When a time frame is selected, the backup button will also turn red to indicate that a Quick Burn backup can be performed.

I know that VIA and SiS chipsets are not supported by Kodicom, but does anyone really thing this could be stopping the SW from loading in the first place?


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I alt-tabbed and hit enter, which did allow it to complete the loading of the program, but it says “cannot connect to drivers” or something to that affect. Good is it fixed I have seen this before so I rebooted the computer and it hung again on load display kodiccom.

The procedure for Time backup is the same, except that the backup will appear in sofwtare root directory of whatever drive is selected, in a folder named KDB. I tried several times my card with Bt but only was blue screen. So there is no reason to blame this OS. Tue Feb 13, 1: The Card works immediately!

How to resolve this issue? Posted May 25, All software support WDM driver can connect it. So my options for 4 channels not needing the additional buffers is:. This page was last modified on 21 Februaryat Thu Nov 22, 9: Software remembers which tours kidicom running when software is shut down and restarts those tours when software executes again.

Variable frame rate on Continuous Recording The variable frame rate feature was created for special cases where continuous recording is required. General Information Foreign Trade Capacity. Wed Aug 09, Should you need to contact me direct then use terry kodicom.


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Posted October 24, The operation of this is using the crosspoint switch chip that the card is fitted with. I assume you have at least two cameras around. After following all the advice that I could find which is not much on the net no document came with the card it still was not reliable when starting, hanging on loading display driver.

Views Read View source View history. Security products and security solutions keep people safe where they work and live. Other companies are making clones of the card and a way to get them to be able to use generic sortware and software would be great. I am using the 8 channel card Connect a second camera to Cam3 the bottom BNC on the back of the card.

But, when I begin kidicom start Diginet Site, the new problem is come.