Pointer to a variable in which the warning word is saved. Pointer to a variable in which the status is saved. Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Positionswert abgelegt wird. Specifications Adjustment of encoder signals Adjustment of offset, phase and amplitude by software — also online Data register for measured values 48 bits, where 44 bits are used for the measured value Interface PCI bus plug and play Internal memory For position values Power consumption Approx. Maximale Anzahl der Wertepaare die bei einem Aufruf gelesen werden. Please fill in your login and password Login.

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Parameters of the encoder manufacturer 2: For all private orders, please choose from among those companies only.

IK (Encoder, PCI, Heidenhain)

Enable external latch L1 Default value 0 15 16 bits 1 to IKModeTimer Specifies whether the timer signal is output. Required timer value in micro seconds. Zeiger auf Variable heidenhan welcher der Interplationswert der fallenden Flanke abgelegt wird. Zeiger auf Variable in welcher die Signalperiode bzw.

Evaluation Electronics -EIB Linear Encoders – LC series. Sinusoidal voltage signals 1 Vpp are available as a complement.


IK 220 – heidenhain

Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Oktantencounter 0 abgelegt wird. Evaluation Electronics -IK Corresponding functions are included in the software provided with the product.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 are available in the download area at www.

Pointer to a variable in which the octant counter 1 is saved pOct2: The installation of the device driver is taken care of by the “Install. They should not be used in application programs. When IKSet is called, the set preset value is always added to the actual value of the axis. Share this company profile.

Number of the axis 0 to 15 pStatus: Pointer to a variable in which the measuring step of the EnDat position value or the number of measuring steps per revolution is saved. With the IKReadMemEn function, the parameters of the encoder manufacturer can be read out in order to receive further information on the encoder.

Evaluation Electronics: IK – HEIDENHAIN

Rotary encoder – ExN series. Sinusoidal current signals Input frequency: In this case, the maximum input frequency is reduced to max.

The measured values are called and latched either through external latch inputs, via software or timers, or by referencemark traverse. Zeiger auf Variable in welcher das Flag 1 abgelegt wird.


IKInputL Hejdenhain a bit value from the given address of the axis. Pointer to a variable in which the actual checksum of the firmware is saved pChkSum2: By air, By Sea. Zur Installation muss lediglich die Setupinformationsdatei IK Pointer to a variable in which the interpolation value is saved.

FC Counter Card for HEIDENHAIN Encoders IK 200 IK220 1 With Manual Nr

Pointer to a variable in which the offset of the reading pointer is saved in the RAM buffer. Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 pChkSum1: Message Seller Online Chat.

The bit wide measured value is formed from the interpolation value 12 bits and the value of the period counter 32 bits.