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Choosing the Right Incontinence Pads for You

Anyone who suffers from incontinence knows how important a comfortable and reliable incontinence pad is. Especially when used when going outdoors, pads are often helpful in keeping this problem discreet. Who would ever want to wet themselves right? There might be a lot of people who suffer from this medical condition but it still is very embarrassing when others know you have this kind of problem.

There are various types of incontinence pads. Depending on the person suffering it, male or female, young or old, small or big. There are many things to consider when choosing the right incontinence pads for you but for most cases it ultimately boils down to comfort.

There are various guidelines that can help you choose the right incontinence pads for you. First question you should probably answer before getting the product is whether it is going to be used by a man or a woman. Incontinence pads are often categorised by gender for the same logic as with undergarments. The design of the product depends on whether a man or woman is going to use it.

Another question to answer when choosing the right incontinence pads is how big is the person who is going to use it. Like in clothes, different people have different sizes. Some fits kids, some fits small adults, some fits big adults, etc. Determining the size that is best for you helps not only in ensuring the product fits you but also that it can give you good protection from leakage.

It is very important to take into account the type of incontinence you are experiencing. Are you having uncontrolled bowel or bladder movements? Of course there would be a difference in the kind of pads you should use depending on the type of problem you are having.

Next thing to think about is the amount of flow you are having. Some people only get very light incontinence and only when doing certain types of activities. Some people sometimes pass urine and not even realize it. Some just have the urge to go to the toilet all the time and could get heavy flows if they don’t get to the facilities on time. So determine whether you would need pads for light, moderate or heavy amounts of urine or bowel movements.

There are also different types of pads based on design. Some are pull-ons others are just stick on, some are specially contoured others might just be rectangular, some are thin while others are thick, and many other types. Knowing which design would suit you helps in the ease and comfort of using the pads.



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