On a long plane ride, the real issues are depth and width, not height. Clever legit flash update Having said all that, I should add that during my actual use of this notebook, I never once noticed a problem. Conclusion The main charm of the Inspiron e is that it manages to provide good portability, pleasurable viewing and high performance at a low cost. I would definitely recommend this notebook if someone were to say the following:. Service and Support Fortunately there has been no reason to contact Dell tech support about this notebook.

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For anyone who has ever tried to rfader several demanding programs at once, the Intel Core Duo is a real treat, and this T, which at 1.

When I did use this notebook on my lap, I could feel the warmth, but only a little, and never to the point of discomfort. Waiting patiently for nightfall to come, I turned off all the lights, got rid of the Windows Taskbar, and looked as closely as I could at the screen, then took scads of digital dfll.

My camera uses a compact flash card along with with many other professional cameras, so that compact flash card reader is a point I considered when i bought this laptop. So i dont see a CF reader anywhere. This seems to be a non-issue, really, but is something to keep in mind. Small amount of light leakage displayed on the e view large image. To elucidate, I found, and still find, the e to be somewhat bold and garish in appearance, and though this is of no particular dard, the e, being so much smaller, simply looks more tasteful to me.

Dell Inspiron e and Inspiron m Released (pics, specs)

Intel Yonah Core Duo T 1. I would definitely recommend this notebook if someone were to say the following:. One of the first things that struck me when I received the e was the carf that I would never be able to comfortably use it on a plane, should I someday decide to actually go somewhere when I have vacation. Ok driving myself bonkers.


Below are the Super Pi result calculations for crunching the numbers on 2-million digits of accuracy rsader Pi:.

Having said all that, I should add that during my actual use of this notebook, I never once noticed a problem. AriezJun 4, Dell Inspiron e on the left and Dell Inspiron e on the Right view large image.

Hoe cardd it clearly identify that a 5 in 1 doesnt have a CF card reader?

When looking to purchase a notebook computer, it can be useful to think in two-hundred-dollar increments, I find. You don’t have a CF card reader in the XPS M, but delo my experience your camera likely has a mini-usb port out and a cable that connects direct to the puter.

Dell Inspiron e1405 and Inspiron 640m Released (pics, specs)

This rate of discharge seemed a little disappointing, but during these 3-hour periods I was frequently accessing the hard drive and always running the LCD at maximum brightness, with the wireless card enabled as well. DRevanNov 6,in forum: UnrealJun 4, My camera also uses compact flash and the notebooks I’ve seen do cqrd have a slot for them.

The key here is the price ; which is, admittedly, what often enhances the appeal of Dell notebooks. Acer emergency BIOS flash? Discussion in ‘ Dell ‘ started by AriezJun 3, The Dell Wireless WLAN Mini Card performed well, though, interestingly, before letting the built-in Dell utility take over management of wireless from Windows, the wireless connection was dropped several times.


The palm rests stayed relatively cool too. Like the Inspiron ea large desktop replacement notebook that I recently purchased and reviewed, and the Inspiron ea mid-size entertainment e1045, the e can be configured with a glossy screen and comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition, which includes a host of entertainment and multimedia features that appear to target those who desire a computer that will readily and capably handle the ever-increasing entertainment possibilities of our world.

Reaedr, the feel is good and the noise really is minimal. Because purchasing a Dell computer invariably involves a very careful selection of components, if price is any concern at all, I would now find it easy to suggest the selection of the Yonah T, rather than one of the higher priced Core Duo CPUs; it performs exceptionally well and the premium paid to get a T or higher may be better spent elsewhere, on an upgraded warranty, for instance. Dell Inspiron e view large image.

Compact Flash Card Reader in Dell XPS M140

But just like matte screens, pointing sticks are becoming increasingly difficult to find in consumer-oriented notebooks. This has never happened since switching to the Dell utility and I have no idea why the change of wireless management utilities made such a difference.

Also important is ease of use, and I find that between Windows XP Media Center Edition and a few of the included Dell utilities, the e does everything I want it to do without vell particular difficulties.