They usually have a system of sharing a single interrupt for all the ports. See Modules mostly for smart boards The needed module may have been supplied with your Linux distribution. Uses odd-ball cond RJlike connectors Boca 2by4 4 serial ports, 2 parallel ports Byte Runner http: So multiport serial cards are not very significant anymore. Such files may be included in a setserial or serial package. But I am sure there must be some solution.

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Or they may be on an external box possibly rack mountable which is connected by a cable to a multiport card.

Go to the webpage shown for more information. Since the space on the external-facing part of the card is limited there is often not enough room for all the serial port connectors. This is not so easy, these files are well protected.

For all private orders, please choose from among those companies only. However, a problem with openning files mentioned by Zdenek Svindrych occured. You May Also Like.


For configuring the kernel or modules prior to compiling see: Adding support for certain multiport cards is listed under the headings “Character devices” or “Serial drivers”. After that you can ovewrite them with new ones. More, when I tryied to scan, hard error message occured “code: A pre-compiled kernel may come with a pre-compiled module for the board so that you don’t need to recompile the kernel.


Today they are commonly used for the control of external devices including automation for both industry and the home. There are also kernel documentation files for certain boards including computone, hayes-esp, moxa-smartio, riscom8, specialix, stallion, and sx specialix.

Multi Port Serial – (Standard system devices) – Decision PCCOM PCI 4 Port Drivers Download

This doesn’t decrease the load on the CPU since the single interrupt will be sent to the CPU each time any one port needs servicing. I found and downloaded win7 compatible drivers for all the hardware needed: In olden days, PCs came with a serial card installed.

Each such physical device would then be connected to its own serial port. Reference Currency HKD They will work fine for all other purposes.


Supported by Linux kernel since v. But one can purchase them on the Internet. I need to do it each restart time. So, if you wanted to create a device for ttyS17 using mknodyou would type:. Search everywhere pccomci in this topic Advanced Search Re: See Modules mostly for smart boards The needed module may have been supplied with your Linux distribution.


Re: Leica TCS SP2, LCS and Win7

Simon is often away from email for months at a time due to his job. When succesfully completed I reinstall completely the system with Windows 7 Professional bit. LCS is now running very well. Many boards today are Plug-and-Play.

See the latest man page for “setserial” for a decisikn complete list. Then I stopped for a while because “Dongle was not found”. Each port has its own address.

Then you will be asked more questions about your serial ports with more options to select. For thoose who are interested in details I would like to share my experience: No attempt is currently being made to list all the cards here and many listed are obsolete. For an earlier driver, there exists pccomcpi patch for kernel 2.