CNCSimulator Pro user guide. In the email, you will find a code. This is what is called a false positive. We consider this a good way to make the users come to our site regularly. One can attach documents, examples and pictures.

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We recommend you to an account with Dropbox or a similar service. Now, go to the License Manager and login with your email and password. Make sure you have your password stored. Results 1 to 6 of 6. In the email it says I need to install the petrol driver update located on the download page. Enter the number from the pftrol as well and check the box “I have read Under License info you find information about your license.

Ok fine, you now have the email. In the email, you will find a code. We have therefore decided to stop sending these emails. Helpdesk

If you have lost it you need to reset it from pdtrol following page: Reorder your Petrol email. Update Take a look on sites FAQ, it may answer your question link below.

We do our best to answer most of them though. Repeat till there are no more updates available.


Please email This email address is being cncskmulator from spambots. This could be another email you are using, an email of a relative or an email of a friend.

Check the email account you used when registering the CNCSimulator the first time, as well as the secondary email you entered in the Copy to field. This is the address that you used when you registered your account the first time you started the CNCSimulator Pro. The License extension should normally not be used and you can ignore this setting until getting instructions from support to use it.

On the page for the Petrol download there is an option for the legacy version of the code. If you for some reason did not get the email or if your code has expired you can re-send the petrol mail by clicking the Re-send petrol mail button.

I have the older petrol number version, I found I had to use one of my Gmail or Yahoo mail addresses to receive the new code.

Free CNC-Simulator

You will see a list of licenses that you have registered on your account one or several depending on how many computers you have installed cncsimulatot CNCSimulator on. The more details you can provide, the more quickly the technician can identify the source of the problem and correct it. Cncsimluator not, enter another email in the “Copy to: These questions are impossible to answer as they do not contain any information to help us find the root of the problem.


There could be that all your traffic is going through a proxy server and that you will have to configure the settings for the proxy server in CNCSimulator you will get a chance to do that if the startup fails. Please note that even if you run the free version you have a license. Our server will automatically send you an email with a code for reactivation each time your license expires. Click on “Full tank please!

Important! Read before contacting support. : Helpdesk

This is how the License info will look when you are running the free version that has expired. We do our best to answer petroll all though.

The program always creates a license the first time you start the program on a computer. Make sure you have your password stored.