Your memories seem to do T at x2Mhz recommended factory settings, http: It doesnt work on all AM3 boards just on some of the newer ones with chipsets that have bios support on it also be sure to flash the new bios before sticking new cpu in. Even the should run, but I’m not sure if nicely, so wait or look around for other opinions. I would like to get 4 GHz at 1. My bios doesn’t automatically change my timing settings. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

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Default voltage for HD and HD is around 1. Worked fine the way I did it I used the 2. I am working on these bioses with T. I think piledrivwr should do the same, try to leave all things you can at default settings except memory, for example. The only thing with 2. It’s a good thing for Asrock to support its products. If anybody is interested I can post it. I have T and I had an opportunity to test FX and x4 on my board.


Piledriver on fx/gx mobos, anyone? – – An Overclocking Community

D but i am interested only in the part related extremr3 bios settings on this asrock mobo: Only thing is that to oc memory you have to raise fsb Also the Bus clock and CPU clock do not show proper values in some cases. Skill Information and Support G. Last edited by oneb1t; at Although my T has very bad IMC so after 1.

First, cpu-z of board right now: Multiplier for T tries to be set at x16 which is impossible.

If you undervolt mGPU to 1. Question is how to set those things for v-droop right? The time now is Anyway I am running my very conservatively – without turbo, undervolted 4. I didn’t tested 2.

AsRock 880g extreme 3 with FX-8350

I’ve had both of them. But I just switched from my Phenom x4fiddled a bit with voltages auto set them tooo high and overclocked Last edited by arroyo; at Davey Your clocks are great.


I also have a sticker. Latest bios though works better with my memory,allowing it to CAS 7 at ,although 2.

There was a little problem with this crossflashing. Maybe slope in raising voltage too.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. But I am definitively going to get a extreje3 mobo in the foreseeable future.

Hello, im looking to upgrade my pc and I was thinking of the FX Not like the flashed bios but still reporting the g chipset, but reporting ? Results 76 to of Do you already have an account? What are your thoughts about the new bios?