Download and unzip the MemTest However when I use the 3Com software to make the image, the resulting image boots but I can’t install redhat 8. The next is could not find kernel image. Just had an idea You are a star sir, I’ve been after this information for years!!

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Most Active Forum Topics this week I’m sure this has been done already in multiple threads but I thought I’d share with you how I’ve managed to get my computers pxe-booting to Ghost over the network in just FOUR steps Do all of these steps on your Ghost Server!! I am going to try to examine the ramdisk tomorrow if I have time. Create boot disk from redhat 8 bootnet.

– doesn’t work with 3com pxe server

Login [x] Log 33com using an account from: Perform the following to complete the merge: Just had an idea If 3ckm create an image with WinImage, can I directly pxe boot to it or do I need some type of boot disk that will launch a Winimage image file? Set the startup type to Automatic. That’s how I have it working. I don’t want to keep burning CDs, so I started using the ftp install with 7.


How to run 3com PXE and TFTP server as a service instead of the default manual start.

Thank you, no more ghost boot CDs!! However when I use the 3Com software to make the image, the resulting image boots but I can’t install redhat 8. Did something change in the way the bootnet. Sorry for thread necromancy. Using the 3Com software I can make an image from a bootable floppy that the PCs can use to boot from.

[syslinux] 3Com PXE server

Havent used Ghost in a couple of years but I pe the answer is yes. See our new home at SUSE. I already have a dedicated box for ghost and pxe.

Not sure how this would interact with the 3com PXE server. I’ve been using ‘ghost with RIS ‘ for years on server and fighting to get ‘ghost with WDS ‘ working, is this the answer to get it working on a modern server OS? Again the floppy I create using rawrite works. You could also set up a linux box for PXE instead of the 3Com software.

  0X1002 - 0X5A61 PCI DRIVER

Although I can’t quite get it working! Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

The user chooses and the image of the software is sent to the PC. I wonder if anyone is going to look at this after 2 years. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning When the PC boots, the PCs downloads a menu of bootable images from which the user can choose.

I turned my attention to syslinux.

Is it something we ship? You are a star sir, 3om been after this information for years!! I tried every possible combination of options to try to get it to work, nothing worked. I then used the 3Com software to make an image of the floppy track by track so the PCs could use that image to boot from.